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The Ny aya Talent Quest was one activity that I truly enjoyed thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, the interesting yet creative activities and of course the people helping me work on the event. Working in a team enabled me to make friends with people whom I normally wouldn't have contact with, while working with children proved to be another new experience altogether. Because I was helping with the organization of the event, I truly felt like I was part of something, which I hope I will be able to repeat in the future. Natalia Roszkowska

Thank you for great time and big smile on my Konrad’s face. He is so happy and proud with second place.Konrad

Thank you again for having opportunity to participate in well organized event. It was nice to see that you with your academy are supplying something which is forgotten in public education. I hope you will be successful since there is a big need for such approach to the child education.Krysztof Kosior

Thank you very much for the nice Talent Quest. My daughter Vicky asks, when will you organise the next Talent Quest. She had a lot of fun with her friends in the group of Mrs Adriana. Oliver and Igor had a lot of fun too.Kornelia Ligaszewska-Leśniak (PARENT)

Thank you for organizing the Science Quest Event. It was a real pleasure to participate in the event and I’m looking forward for a next year edition. During Saturday’s event I was granted a confirmation of participation unfortunately my name was wrongly spelled. I would appreciate if you could reissue the document for me and send to my address.Bartosz Pyszkowski

I would like to thank you again for your kind invitation for me to be the chief guest at the Ny aya Talent Quest. I really appreciate it. I would also like to congratulate you on your great idea and the organization of the event.
All the best to you and Ny aya Team! Good luck with all your future projects!Ms. Mira Ciechowska (Headmistress, International European School)

Oliver zaczął naukę Abacusa w czerwcu 2011r., miał wtedy 5 lat. Oliver jest bardzo aktywnym i żywym dzieckiem. Miał kłopoty z koncentracją. Dzięki Abacusowi nauczył się wyciszać i obecnie potrafi szybko skupić się na danym zadaniu. Patrząc na Olivera myślę, że Abacus pomaga również w zrozumieniu nauki matematycznej. Kontynuując naukę nie będzie musiał korzystać co chwila z kalkulatorka, a nawet szybciej będzie w stanie policzyć w pamięci.
Sama bym się tego chętnie nauczyła:-)

Kornelia Ligaszewska-Leśniak (Parent)

The Abacus program has helped my dyslexic son considerably improve his maths and logic in a unique and refreshing environment.


My son (10) has been attending Abacus clases for over a year now. He is dyslexic and had many problems with maths and logic during standard school lessons. I found that Abacus is really helping him to make progress in those areas. It teaches concentration, visualization, mental math. All in relaxing atmosphere with music background and plenty of water to drink. A culture of learning which I truly believe in although it is different to the standards we are used to. I definitively want my son to continue Abacus tutorials and progress to further levels and would recommend that to every child, regardless the skills or abilities.

Karolina Kaim (Parent)

Ny Aya Academy definitely is a place where young minds are inspired to learn in a curious and interesting manner. After having met the members of the board and looking at the indigenous work that's gone into building the curriculum and study material, I surely believe its an academy that every child should be a part of in non-school hours.

Meher Mirpuri

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