Ny aya Academy

Young Engineers

We foster the Young engineer in Your child

For ages 6 & 7

The Young Engineer program is designed to awaken the scientific spirit within the child intuitively through task oriented learning process. By allowing the child to create recognizable machines, the child builds a sense of relation with machines that they see in daily life and a cognizance of the principles that make it function.

Young EgineersBenefits

We believe the best way to address abstract concepts to kids is through relating concepts to practical usage followed by practical examples and then testing them against the concept.

The program is divided into 2 levels with each level designed to address a set of related concepts through various projects and hands-on activities. Children work in small groups of 4 or in pairs to also promote team building.

We instill an investigative attitude in your child by providing considerable hands-on material per child so the child can through the process of building, breaking up and further rebuilding be in complete harmony with the mechanism and how the concepts drive the machine to its ultimate function. As your child flows seamlessly from one level to another in terms of progressive complexity, we hope to open up your child’s mind and gradually move him at his desired pace through appropriate task based questions and activities.

The child at the end of the program not only grasps the fundamental concepts of physics very early in life, but also has learnt its practical usage and developed a love for science. He will find that these will stand in great stead later on as he moves to higher classes. The Young Engineer’s program invokes the young engineer in your child.


The level 1 Program – Motion using Vehicles

The Course Structure

After having learnt the functions and methods used to work around Airports and Airborne Vehicles in The Budding Engineers Program in Preschool, children move on to The Young Engineers Program.

This program is aimed at giving the child an easy introductory view of the World of Machines. The first set of Machines that captures a child’s imagination is the Vehicles they come across in daily life. We have in this level used the Vehicles set from Lego Education to structure 10 projects that range from simple cars to buses to utility trucks giving an insight to the child on the basic components of vehicles. The child gathers the concepts of motion, wheels and axles amongst others.

Duration of Program

24 classes – 1 hour once a week

The level 2 program - Basics of Robotics using Early Simple Machines

The Course Structure

Introduced in Level 2 are simple concepts of pinwheel, forms of energy and leverage through easily recognizable daily life examples and experiments while also later introducing concepts such as pulleys and gears. Concept of gears can be too abstract for little children to understand especially its impact on speed, force, change of direction etc. therefore we have used simple and interesting experiments such as the See Saw, Carousel and Cranes amongst others. The children at the end of the course will be able to recognize the various machines and understand and appreciate the principles on which they function.

Duration of Program

22 classes – 1 hour once a week

How the course is conducted

Our classes are preceded by 15 minutes of Brain Gym. Students work in a relaxed environment enriched with music. Students will build the various models as specified in the projects and simultaneously relate the concepts and mechanisms involved in the course material. Learning Values; Predictions, Observations and Findings; and Task based Activities are a few of the various activities that kindle the child’s thought and mind. We include “Show ‘n’ Tell” to encourage a child’s active participation in each project that will open up their minds to think and relate their projects to Real Life giving them a sense of accomplishment. Families are invited to work along with their kids for an innovative project towards the end of each level applying the concepts learnt.

A Mini Dumper (PDF). Aim: To make a Mini Dumper using various Lego components.
Preview sample course material.

Building a Raft (PDF). Aim: To build a raft using different Lego components / parts.
Preview sample course material.


Students will be awarded a certificate of completion by Ny aya Academy.