Ny aya Academy

Budding Engineers

Budding Engineers using Space and Airport model

The “Budding Engineers” program is an introductory Science Program designed for 5 year old children. Children are introduced to Airports, its functions and various types of airborne vehicles such as Helicopters, Cargo Planes and Passenger Planes. Also introduced in this program are Space Centers, Space Satellites and their functions. The child at the end of the program will understand the concept of Space and utilities of various airborne vehicles and Satellites.

Budding EngineersBenefits

The program helps develop logic, instill creativity and being a team-oriented exercise, inculcates teamwork. The child will feel a sense of achievement at the completion of each project. Learning through engagement is the most effective way to introduce scientific principles to a young mind. Apart from building of the model, the child through this journey understands the scientific principle that drives its function and reflects on how it relates to real life.

Duration of Program

20 classes - 1 hour once a week

How the course is conducted

Our classes are preceded by 15 minutes of Brain Gym. Students work in a relaxed environment enriched with music. They then will build the various models as specified in the projects and simultaneously relate the concepts and mechanisms involved in the course material meticulously designed by Ny aya Academy. Learning Values; Predictions, Observations and Findings; and Task based Activities are a few of the various activities that kindle the child’s mind. We include “Show ‘n’ Tell” to encourage a child’s active participation in each project that will open up their minds to think and relate their projects to Real Life giving them a sense of accomplishment. Families are invited to work along with their kids for an innovative project towards the end of each level applying the concepts learnt.


Students will be awarded a certificate of completion by Ny aya Academy.