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Dr. Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. in her best selling book "Smart Moves" states that “our bodies are very much a part of all our learning, and learning is not an isolated brain function. Every nerve and cell in our bodies is a network contributing to our intelligence and our learning capability."

Understanding the interconnection of sensorimotor abilities and academic achievement, we at Ny aya Academy explore the use of movement to enhance academic skills. We bring together the body and the mind with a few basic Brain Gym exercises that should be done everyday. These exercises help stimulate the flow of oxygen into the brain, relax the nervous system and increase energy. They help coordinate the right and left side of the brain by exercising the information flow between the two hemispheres. These exercises are aimed at improving overall concentration, help diffuse stress and calm the mind. They connect the part of the brain concerned with emotions to the part of the brain concerned with reasoning.

Young and old alike, can use these simple and brilliant movements to enhance their visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills for smooth and easy learning.


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"My son (10) has been attending Abacus clases for over a year now. It teaches concentration, visualization, mental math. All in relaxing atmosphere..."

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