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AbacusNy aya Academy opens doors to giving your child a platform of possibilities that enrich a rational and sound development of the brain through the Abacus and Brain Gym Program.

In the Abacus program we focus on utilizing the combined energies and strengths of the child for a far more purposeful function, the clarity of thought and concentration that inevitably brings about a sense of calm, alertness and confidence.

What is Abacus?

Abacus, a calculation tool often attributed to the Chinese was originally developed in Babylonia between 2400 BC and 500 BC. The Japanese later developed a distinct method called “Soroban”. In 1938 “Soroban” was introduced into the education system in Japan and is today a required study in third and upper grades. It has since been adopted by many education streams across the world.


ABACUS offers a multitude of benefits to the students by enhancing speed, accuracy, memory, concentration, number manipulation skills, decimal grasp, digit correlation and overall gain in confidence.

The process of learning the ABACUS system involves movement of beads in the ABACUS to make calculations and over time with continuous practice the child visualizes the bead positions and is able to mentally solve arithmetic problems without having to use the ABACUS tool. This greatly enhances speed and accuracy. The process of visualization helps the child to improve concentration and memory.

ABACUS helps brain development by stimulating the two hemispheres of the brain, which is important for holistic development of the child. Mathematics, especially Arithmetic taught in school, chiefly uses the left-brain.

The course Structure

An EIGHT LEVEL certification course that trains children from ages 7 – 11 years to perform high-speed mathematical calculation mentally with accuracy.  Each level is made up of 20 classes followed by assessments. We currently offer 5 levels.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Number Identification & Memorizing bead Positions. Introduction to the concept of visualization

Speed Writing

Introduction to Arithmetic progression & Combination Tables

Speed writing

Introduction to Multiplication Continuing to work on visualization skills

Introduction to Decimals. Continuing to work in visualization skills

Additions& Subtractions: 1 digit 4 rows; 2 Digits up to 4 rows using first 2 concepts

Additions& Subtractions: 1 digit 6 rows; 2 Digits up to 4 rows using 3rd concept

Additions& Subtractions: 1 digit 10 rows; 2 Digits up to 8 rows; 3 digits up to 5 rows

Multiplication of 2 digits x 1 digit

Additions& Subtractions: 2 digit 10 rows; 3 Digits up to 8 rows Multiplication of 2 digits x 2 digits;

Decimals up to two decimal points for 3 rows

Accuracy in Addition & Subtraction

Increased speed and accuracy

Visualization of numbers, speed and accuracy

Understanding on how to work on the basics of decimals

Budding EngineersWho can participate?

Children between ages 6 and 13

Duration of each level

20 classes - 2 hours per week

How the course is conducted

The joy of learning is the key to its success. We create an environment conducive to learning process and inspire the students to learn. Each class has duration of One hour consisting of 15 minutes of Brain Gym Program for followed by 45 minutes Abacus class.

The Abacus lessons are designed to create a low stress environment for kids while tackling mathematical and logical concepts. Lessons are laced with quizzes, music and fun activities to keep children motivated.

The students will be provided with an Abacus and course material meticulously designed by Ny aya.

How do we use the Big Friend of 2? (PDF).
Preview sample course material.

Sweet Dreams (PDF).
Preview sample course material.

Homework (PDF).
Preview sample course material.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment of students is critical to see if the student has acquired the sufficient skill sets as set out in the program objective. Each level has a clear set of objectives that are set out at the beginning of the program.

Students will be awarded a certificate of completion by Ny aya subject to the results achieved. Children that do not meet the minimum required score in tests will be awarded a certificate of participation and will have a further opportunity to appear for re-assessment.