Ny aya Academy


Ny aya Talent Quest 2013 - An Overview



Ny aya Academy successfully conducted its inaugural Ny aya Talent Quest 2013 on the 15th of June 2013. The event was designed to offer students of Warsaw an opportunity to showcase their skills in the fields of Art, Science and Engineering.

The event was attended by 48 Participants. Parents, teachers, judges and visitors were present to make the event a great success. The event witnessed participants from The American School of Warsaw, The British School, Canadian School of Warsaw, International American School, International European School, Multi School and some Polish schools.



The Art workshop and exhibition was conducted by renowned artist Adriana Karima, Kolory Duszy who specializes in Vedic Art. Students in the workshop were able to express their self through the Vedic art form. Vedic art is a unique art form that allows children to express as they wish which awakens in them confidence, an important experience by which they learn that to be different is good, to be oneself is a value, to have and realise one’s ideas is safe. The students developed some wonderful creations that were appreciated by all. 




Science is a powerful way of investigating and understanding the world. The Ny aya Science Quest was designed to instill such an investigative spirit, to pursue their natural curiosity, inventiveness and to develop critical thinking process.It was intended to make children relate the learning process to their physical and social environment.

A number of students participated in the Nyaya Science Quest exhibiting a wide range of experiments from an ultra sound device to assist visually impaired to technology to highlight fingerprint pattern similarities among members of the same family. It was amazing to witness young scientists developing their projects at the exhibition and explaining the concept to judges and visitors.



 Ny aya Da Vinci Quest was aimed at providing a platform for students to explore the engineering world through LEGO model building. In a technology based society engineering knowledge becomes critical. Engaging in such activities changes a child’s perception on career choices later in life. The competition was conducted by Jakub Piasecki, AKCES Edukacia and his group who have considerable experience in the field and with due support from LEGO Polska. The Ny aya Da Vinci Quest attracted considerable attention with 21 students participating in the senior category of the event presenting Heritage models such as the Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Amphitheatre of El Jem  of North Africa and El Tajin, the Pre Hispanic City in Mexico.

Junior categories presented the concept of a future school. Apart from accuracy and stability of the model, additional dimensions such as cost of construction and presentation skills made the competition intense.


The Academy is firstly grateful for the support of the entire schooling fraternity of Warsaw, which has embraced this event warmly and contributed to its success. It just reflects the commitment of these schools, its students, parents and teachers that train them.

Special thanks to the two sponsors who supported the event namely Eurobatt Sp Z O.O. and Aquatherm-Poland. The event would not have been in this scale if not for their financial support.

To our chief Guest Mrs. Mira Ciechowska - Headmistress International European School, who welcomed this initiative whole heartedly and was a great encouragement to the Nyaya Team.

To the judges Mrs. Monika Chandler – Founder, Canadian School of Warsaw, Mrs. Izabella Sloczynska - Head of Secondary, British School & Mrs. Kalina Jastrzebowska – Science Teacher, International European School for their dedication and sparing the time for the children.

To the American School of Warsaw for their wonderful support and IB students to assist during the event.

Finally the Academy feels immense gratitude towards The Ny aya team & Management that tirelessly put together this event.

The success of this event is a success of the entire schooling fraternity and we promise to be back next year with an even larger platform for you.