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Ny aya Academy - Newsletter 01 - Euronews talks of AbacusEuronews talks of Abacus

Math is certainly a mental challenge but it can also be fun, and ultimately rewarding. We look at schools in the US, Japan and China and compare their methods of teaching math.

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Building Blocks Conference in Berlin in 2012

Ny Aya Academy was invited to attend the Building Blocks Conference held at The Nordic Embassies in Berlin in November 2012.

A part of the conference covered various aspects of Urban Development involving participation by children and youth.

Children’s conceived ideas of an ideal environment take shape utilizing paints, foam, board and twine conjointly shepherded by a team of wonderful and motivating adults.

Ny aya Academy - Newsletter 01 - Ny aya in News

Ny aya Campus News

Ny aya Academy - Newsletter 01 - Ny aya Campus NewsTwo of our most popular programs being the Abacus and the Engineer Programs for children between ages 6-10 that seek to unravel a child’s reasoning, introspection and understanding.

The ABACUS PROGRAM looks to strike the right balance between developing mathematical skill sets and problem solving atitude enhancing the child’s confidence, concentration, memory, reasoning, visualisation , auditory and mathematical skills.

It is a renowned and popular program the world over, guaranteed to expand and enhance a child’s intellect and develop sound attitude.

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