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Ny aya Talent Quest 2013

The Ny aya Talent Quest Event provides a common platform for students in Warsaw to showcase their skills in three different programs such as Arts, Science and Engineering on the 15th of June 2013 at UCSiR Sports Center, Ursynów.

Talent Quest offers a great opportunity for students for ages between 6 to 14 years to exhibit their talent, creativity, concept development and execution, team work and presentation skills in a lively and competitive environment. Specialists in each area will conduct the event with independent judges evaluating each project and presentation. Awards will be presented to winners and each participant certified.

Ny aya Academy was formed in 2011 with the intent of providing alternative education for students in Warsaw and Talent Quest is another initiative to support the student fraternity.

All that students need to participate in this Talent Quest 2013 is enthusiasm. Delegates from various schools across Warsaw have been invited to the event.



All children are naturally motivated to learn and are capable of learning. They are natural learners and knowledge is the outcome of their own interest and activity.

Children learn through interactions with the environment around, nature, things and people-both through actions and through languages. They construct knowledge by connecting new ideas to their existing ideas based on materials/ activities presented to them.

Our objective in conducting the Talent Quest is:

• to provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and intuition to quench their thirst for creativity;

• to make children feel that science is all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems also by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment;

• to encourage children to visualize future of the nation and help them become sensitive and responsible citizens;

• to analyse how science and technology have developed and is affected by many diverse individuals, cultures and societies;

• to develop critical thinking about global issues to maintain healthy and sustainable societies in today’s environment;

Ny aya Science Quest 

Science is a powerful way of investigating and understanding the world.

Students may refer to the following sites to build a project of their choice. Stuents are expected to prepare their projects in advance. The models will be assembled at the event. The project should be supported by either posters or Powerpoint presentation of the model.  

 Ny aya Science Quest  - Guidelines

  1.     The Contest will be conducted in two categories

                      i.     Juniors – 6 - 9 years

                      ii.     Seniors – 10 - 14 years

2.     Students can participate as individuals or form teams of 2.

3.      Each team has 1 ½ hours to complete their experiment.

4.     The Academy will not provide raw material required for the project.

5.     The Academy will provide the following amenities to the participants                     

                        i. Electric points

                       ii. Water Connections

6.     The complete model has to be assembled and carried out at the venue.

7.     Projects can be supported with charts, posters or Power Point Presentation.

8.     Participants are expected to present their models to judges for evaluation.

9.     Winners of the first three places in each category will be awarded.


Ny aya Da Vinci Quest 

Models will be built at the event under the guidance of the co-ordinator using Lego Bricks. 

   1. The Contest will be conducted in two categories 

                      i.     Juniors – (6 - 9 years)  Futuristic Model School

                      ii.     Seniors – (10 - 14 years)  UN World Heritage Site

      2. Participants will build one of the UN World Heritage sites from the list below.

                      i.    Africa - Amphitheatre of El Jem

                     ii.    Americas - El Tajin, Pre-Hispanic City

                    iii.    Asia - Taj Mahal

                    iv.    Australia & Oceania - Sydney Opera House

                     v.   England - Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

       3.   Students will form teams of 2 or 3. 

       4.  Participants are expected to present their models to judges for evaluation.

       5.  Winners of the First three places in each category will be awarded.


Ny aya Science Quest and Ny aya Da Vinci Quest - Judging Criterion 

Participants may prepare their experiment / model  keeping the following judging criterion in mind. 

  •  Complexity of the Model
  •   Working of the Model
  •   Clarity & Knowledge of Concept
  •   Presentation Skills
  •  Practical Application of concept 


Ny aya Art Quest

Ny aya Art Quest is only a Workshop and Art projects will be created at the event under the guidance of the co-ordinator. There will be no judging for this Program.

  • Materials for Art will be provided by the Academy.


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