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 Ny aya Academy - Newsletter 01 - Young Engineers World

Block by block, one plastic section at a time, children and adults around the world compete to build the planet's tallest Lego Structure. One recent record breaker, measuring 102 feet (31.09 meters) high, used roughly 500,000 blocks to rise high into the city air.

But for those of us not looking to break records, constructing even a foot-tall design takes forethought. Will your structure be balanced and not tip over? Is the base wide enough to support it? Can your Lego creation withstand nature's forces or even the family cat?

Toying around and experimenting with Lego extends beyond childhood play time. In programs such as The Budding Engineers and The Young Engineers these blocks and products present a hands-on opportunity to obtain an understanding of physics and creativity and learn the basics of structural engineering, a field in which experts examine similar questions while crafting buildings, cars, airplanes, stadiums and other large structures.