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Ny aya Academy - Newsletter 01 - Ny aya Campus NewsTwo of our most popular programs being the Abacus and the Engineer Programs for children between ages 6-10 that seek to unravel a child’s reasoning, introspection and understanding.

The ABACUS PROGRAM looks to strike the right balance between developing mathematical skill sets and problem solving atitude enhancing the child’s confidence, concentration, memory, reasoning, visualisation , auditory and mathematical skills.

It is a renowned and popular program the world over, guaranteed to expand and enhance a child’s intellect and develop sound attitude.

At Ny Aya Academy, The Abacus program has gathered momentum and what had initially started with two students today has comfortably grown into a community of over 20 students. An eight level program, The Abacus Program today is in its 4th season and in two locations in Warsaw.

During the course of the Program, students are assessed through Reviews conducted after every few classes to determine the child’s understanding and grasping of the concepts taught to the student.

Ny Aya Academy has very recently introduced two marvellously fascinating Engineering programs for children. Our students delightfully and expertly build different models, all the while learning the subtle finesse of how and why the model works so.