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Ny aya Talent Quest 2013 - Photo Gallery











                   Komal Sanam Bojwani                                         Chief guest Ms. Mira Ciechowska                                         

                                        Founder                                                                           Headmistress International European School                         

                                                                                              Panel of Judges

  Ms. Monika Chandler                       Ms. Kalina Jastrzebowska                 Ms. Izabella Słoczyńska 

      Founder, Canadian School                             Science Teacher, IES                       Secondary Head, British School










                                                                          Ms. Kornelia Ligaszewska-Leśniak                                             Mr. Manoj Bojwani                                            Aquatherm Polska                                                                             Eurobatt Sp z o.o. 


                                                     Talent Quest Team


     Deepa Meher Mirpuri                    Ola Wills, Hai Anh Tran, Natalia Roszkowska, Arisa Morgan, 

              Science Coordinator                                           Tanay Bojwani & Krzysztof Kosior                                                     








               Jakub Piasecki & Team                                        Adriana Karima                                        Da Vinci Coordinators                                                       Art Coordinator

                                                 Participant's creations


                                                        Science Quest


                                                         Da Vinci Quest


                                                             Art Quest


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Ny aya Talent Quest 2013 - Winners

Ny aya Science Quest Winners

    Discover the Young Scientist


1st Place - Michal Adamkiewicz - British School of Warsaw for designing an Ultra Sound Device to assist the Visually Impaired       


 1st  Place  

  Michal Adamkiewicz 

      British School of Warsaw

      Experiment - Designed an ultra sound device to assist the visually impaired               






2nd Place

Kacper Pleban

  Canadian School of Warsaw

   Experiment - Created an all purpose cleaning cloth






 3rd Place

 Joachim Hendriksen

American School of Warsaw

        Experiment - Highlighted fingerprint pattern similarities among members of the same family





Ny aya Da Vinci Quest Senior Winners

Are you LEGO® SmartTM?


  1st  Place  

      Russell Ferralas, Daniel Chu & Benjamin Soloman

         International American School &

 Canadian School of Warsaw

    Lego Model of World Heritage Site

Taj Mahal of India 




2nd Place

Bonnie Murphy, Julia Chruszcz &

Kristina Cermakoza

International American School

    Lego Model of World Heritage Site

Pyramids of Egypt





3rd Place 

Phi Long Bui, Dawid Wiater & Jai Bojwani

       International American School & 

American School of Warsaw

    Lego Model of World Heritage Site

Taj Mahal of India




Ny aya Da Vinci Quest Junior Winners


1st  Place

Marcin Bartoszewicz & Laura Micianiec 

Canadian School of Warsaw & 

Multi School

Lego Model

        Future Model School       




2nd Place

Szymon Konieczny Konrad Nierloje

Canadian School of Warsaw & 

Polish School

Lego Model

Future Model School   






3rd Place 

Igor Góralski & Oliver Leśniak 

Szkola Podstawa Nr.96 im. Ireny Kosmowskiej

  Lego Model

Future Model School  


Ny aya Talent Quest 2013

The Ny aya Talent Quest Event provides a common platform for students in Warsaw to showcase their skills in three different programs such as Arts, Science and Engineering on the 15th of June 2013 at UCSiR Sports Center, Ursynów.

Talent Quest offers a great opportunity for students for ages between 6 to 14 years to exhibit their talent, creativity, concept development and execution, team work and presentation skills in a lively and competitive environment. Specialists in each area will conduct the event with independent judges evaluating each project and presentation. Awards will be presented to winners and each participant certified.

Ny aya Academy was formed in 2011 with the intent of providing alternative education for students in Warsaw and Talent Quest is another initiative to support the student fraternity.

All that students need to participate in this Talent Quest 2013 is enthusiasm. Delegates from various schools across Warsaw have been invited to the event.



All children are naturally motivated to learn and are capable of learning. They are natural learners and knowledge is the outcome of their own interest and activity.

Children learn through interactions with the environment around, nature, things and people-both through actions and through languages. They construct knowledge by connecting new ideas to their existing ideas based on materials/ activities presented to them.

Our objective in conducting the Talent Quest is:

• to provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and intuition to quench their thirst for creativity;

• to make children feel that science is all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems also by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment;

• to encourage children to visualize future of the nation and help them become sensitive and responsible citizens;

• to analyse how science and technology have developed and is affected by many diverse individuals, cultures and societies;

• to develop critical thinking about global issues to maintain healthy and sustainable societies in today’s environment;

Ny aya Science Quest 

Science is a powerful way of investigating and understanding the world.

Students may refer to the following sites to build a project of their choice. Stuents are expected to prepare their projects in advance. The models will be assembled at the event. The project should be supported by either posters or Powerpoint presentation of the model.  

Young Engineer World

 Ny aya Academy - Newsletter 01 - Young Engineers World

Block by block, one plastic section at a time, children and adults around the world compete to build the planet's tallest Lego Structure. One recent record breaker, measuring 102 feet (31.09 meters) high, used roughly 500,000 blocks to rise high into the city air.

But for those of us not looking to break records, constructing even a foot-tall design takes forethought. Will your structure be balanced and not tip over? Is the base wide enough to support it? Can your Lego creation withstand nature's forces or even the family cat?

Toying around and experimenting with Lego extends beyond childhood play time. In programs such as The Budding Engineers and The Young Engineers these blocks and products present a hands-on opportunity to obtain an understanding of physics and creativity and learn the basics of structural engineering, a field in which experts examine similar questions while crafting buildings, cars, airplanes, stadiums and other large structures.