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Enrollment Enquiry Form

Enrollment Enquiry Form

Welcome to the Enrollment Process at Ny Aya Academy

The enrollment process begins with a completed form

These steps include:

01Fill in the enrollment form:
a. Refer your registration number if you are an existing student of the academy.
b. Else please use the form for new students.

02Choose the course/s your child will be interested in and submit the enrollment form. Please make sure the correct phone numbers are provided.

03A representative from Ny aya Academy will call you within the next couple of days and discuss with you the course/s of your interest.
a. You could obtain details of the courses, content, methodology and benefits.
b. Ascertain the eligibility of your child.
c. Check on the course fee and course schedule.
d. Finalize the premises where you would like to attend.

04Download the registration form and fill them up and submit the same to Ny aya Academy at the premises that you have chosen for your class.

05Once the academy has received the signed application form, your child will be issued a student ID. The Student ID will be sent to you over email along with details of class he will attend and the account details to which the fees have to be remitted.

06Your child’s enrollment to the course is confirmed once you have the confirmation email from us and the necessary fees have been remitted to the account.

New student

If you are signing up with us for the first time, please click on the "Sign Up" tab below.

Returning Student

If you have already participated in our Academy's programs, please click on the "Sign up with your student ID" tab below.