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Ny Aya AcademyKomal Sanam Bojwani established Ny aya in 2011 with the intention of providing quality After-School Programs for children in Warsaw through schools and the Academy. It offered its classes through an association with Canadian School of Warsaw by offering ABACUS and Brain Gym classes.

Ny aya represents an ancient school of Hindu philosophy in logic and true to its name the academy will look to promote and bring together an eclectic mix of programs that will promote logical reasoning, math, engineering skills and team work.

Our Philosophy

The process of learning is innate; teaching is merely a process that removes hurdles in its path” - Sanam Bojwani

The state of enquiry is instinctive in kids, as they are not held by boundaries of dogmas. Children by nature are inquisitive and our objective is to bring that curiosity into their classroom experience where we can convert their inquisitive disposition coupled with their bundle of energy into holistic experience of learning and discovery.

Our Approach

The joy of learning is the key to its success” – Sanam Bojwani

Our approach is aimed at motivating a child to learn rather than teaching him. Fear of failure, reprimand and criticism are the greatest threat to a child’s curiosity. We strive to create an atmosphere that emboldens a child’s innovative spirit by constant encouragement and positive reinforcement. Each program is structured in a manner that challenges the child in little steps. Classes are preceded by Brain Gym that awakens the mind; while background music is played calming the nerves during the class and brainteasers are introduced in between to invigorate. Finally each program concludes with a reward system that instills a sense of pride and achievement.


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"My son (10) has been attending Abacus clases for over a year now. It teaches concentration, visualization, mental math. All in relaxing atmosphere..."

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